Thug Life

We Butter The Bread With Butter

Get up, get up
And listen to your heart yeah
Don't lose yourself and don't give a fuck
Shut up, shut up
You're talking like a fool
So what ya gonna do when your life's a fucking mess
This insane nation
Save yourself, break the shell
Escape from hell
All these temptations
If you're gonna let them go we will rise tonight
Stand up, stand up
Don't fool yourself
Be who you really are
Get up, get up
Open your eyes and fight
All the lies
All the faces around me
Follow me, so you'll see the fight
All the lies
Falling to the ground
Get up, get up
It's time to break the walls down
Show what you are made of
Throw your mask away
Stand up, stand up
Let's raise our fists and fight

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Wieder geil! (2015)

We Butter The Bread With Butter