This Is The Life

Rick Ross

Billionaire yeah you feel me
I have your bitch lacin' up my shoes homey
Rollin them L's up ha ha
Gettin' Money

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
This is the life, this is the life
Ain't no stoppin it's champagne for poppin' the dro from robbin'
This is the life, this is the life
Keep shit poppin' these hoes they stay boppin no stoppin' thats every night
This is the life, ain't no stoppin'
The love of watchin' bubbles, serve it up for a hell of a price
This is the life, this is the life
This is the, this is the life

[Verse 1]
Uh I'm the man you wanna stand near
Damn near a hundred gram in jewels in my Stan Smith
Snitches stand clear can't no snitches stand here
This reserve for them trill I'm red carpet every year
Take a picture canary stones so photogenic
No I didn't grow up with it so I had to go and get it
Started with a biscuit now I got a loaf
Hoes wanna slice I wanna tell her no
But I can't I get a rush blowin' dough
I'm gettin' bank I'm in a rush to blow the dough
This is the life I'm in a race to get money
This is the life I need a bad bitch to blow it for me


[Verse 2]
Not that I'm arrogant I'm just extravagant
I'm a boss player check my laminent
I got hoes in Memphis hoes in Maryland
White girl in Carolina let's call her Karoline
She love ballplayers hate the dope boys
Cause we fight dogs call me Jeff George
Yea this the Superbowl of the street shit
It's all fast food my niggaz eat quick
When I seen a million it fucked up my life
Brand new twenty cars party for twenty nights
Fucked plenty wives crushed many lives
I wouldn't it change for the world
This is the life


[Verse 3]
I'm campin' in the Hampton's
Chillin' in a Playstation
Cause I'm playin' with them chips that you ain't makin'
I ain't fakin' trap ain't vacant
California razors keep me feelin' Jamaican
The block bakin' the blunt burnin'
I'm in Trump Towers amongst earners
Fine escorts for the G'd up fee
Fine lip servers for the Triple C
Words rhymin' best
Can't spell well but I define success
I sell well so I make a toast
The fallen comrades hold the bottles up
We standin' tall fam'


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