We Are the Champions (Tribute to Queen)

Agrupacion LatinHits

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Latin Hits Ringtones, Vol. 85 (2015)

Agrupacion LatinHits

Quiero Decirte (Tribute To Puerto Rican Power) Quiero Volver Contigo (Tribute To Puerto Rican Power) Si Pero No (Tribute To Puerto Rican Power) Tu Cariñito (Tribute To Puerto Rican Power) Chiquilina (Tribute To Punto 6) Another One Bites the Dust (Tribute to Queen) Bohemian Rhapsody (Tribute to Queen) Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Tribute to Queen) I Want It All (Tribute to Queen) Radio Ga Ga (Tribute to Queen) Save Me (Tribute to Queen) The Show Must Go on (Tribute to Queen) These Are the Days of Our Lives (Tribute to Queen) Under Pressure (Tribute to Queen) We Are the Champions (Tribute to Queen) We Will Rock You (Tribute to Queen) You're My Best Friend (Tribute to Queen) I Believe I Can Fly (Tribute to R. Kelly) Losing My Religion (Tribute to R.E.M.) Bam Bam (Tribute To Rabanes) Estrechandome (Tribute To Rabitos) La Luna y Tu (Tribute To Rafaga) Maldito Corazon (Tribute To Rafaga) Mentirosa (Tribute To Rafaga) La Camisa Negra (Tribute To Rafely Rosario) Hay Que Venir al Sur (Tribute To Raffaella Carra) Amor Ayudame (Tribute To Raffy Matias) Adios (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Dame Lo Que Quiero (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) De la Calle Soy (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Down (Tribute to Rakim & Ken Y) Igual Que Ayer (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) La Realeza (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Me Matas (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) No Tengo Nada (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Si la Ves (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Sueltate (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Te Regalo Amores (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y) Cuerpo Sensual (Tribute To Rakim & Ken y, Don Omar) Arrancame el Corazon (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Bonita Finca de Adobe (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Del Otro Lado del Porton (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Dulce Amor (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Entierrenme Cantando (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) La Hoja y Yo (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Mi Golondrina (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Mi Piquito de Oro (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Quemame los Ojos (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Rinconcito en el Cielo (Tribute To Ramon Ayala) Señor Dios (Tribute To Ramon Ayala)