Mambo Italiano

Rosemary Clooney

A girl went back to Napoli
Because she missed the scenery
The native dances and the charming songs
But wait a minute, something's wrong

Hey, mambo, mambo italiano
Hey, mambo, mambo italiano
Go, go, go you mixed up siciliano
All you calabrese do the mambo like a crazy with a
Hey mambo, don't wanna tarantella
Hey mambo, no more a mozzarella
Hey mambo, mambo italiano

Try an enchilada with the fishy baccalà and then a
Hey cumpa', I love a how you dance a rhumba
But take a some advice, paisano
Learn how to mambo
If you gonna be a square
You ain't a gonna go nowhere

Hey mambo, mambo italiano
Hey mambo, mambo italiano
Go, go, Joe, shake like a Giovano
Hello, cosa dici, getta happy in the feets a when you
Mambo italiano

Shake-a baby, shake-a 'cause I love a when you take a me

Mama say stop-a or I'm gonna tell papa
And a hey già drool you don't a have to go to school
Just make-a wid da beat bambino
It's a like a vino
Kid, you good a lookin' but you don't a-know what's cookin' till you

Hey mambo, mambo italiano
Hey mambo, mambo italiano
Ho, ho, Joe, you mixed up siciliano
It's a so delish a everybody come, capisci
How to mambo italiano

'Ats nice! (unh)

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