The Smashing Pumpkins

The clever make the world weary
To pull it from its moorings
To fawn the young wicked roost
To weather the coming storms

They are inside now
They are inside
They are inside now

How I love to waste your time

Goodbye all you widows
Tearstained underneath
Blessed to the many
Who are seeking some relief

They are inside
They are inside now
They are inside
They are inside
You'll always run
But you cannot find

You were waiting all this time

Camera take this picture
The wreckage is outside
Quick may you hurry
We are losing our light

We are inside now
We are inside
We are inside
You'll always run
But you'll never find

How I'd love to make you mine

To the ages I am speaking
To the creatures I am sky
Bloody simple features
Everyone chooses sides

Shatter this faith broken
Walk these summer miles
Leave here while forgotten
Carrying forth this child

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Adore (Super Deluxe) (2014)

The Smashing Pumpkins

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