Prayers To The Trap God

Roddy Ricch

Heart beatin', my mind racin' up
You can hear the screams and sirens in the cut
How did the trap fold up?
See a copper (see a copper), gotta drop him (gotta drop him)
That's why I got the .9 in my pocket for
Gotta drop him 'fore he kickin' down the door
For some Christian Dior, we was 'bout to send a hunnid packs through your neighborhood
If it get trapped, I knew my baby would
I never knew I would have to face the music
I know they gon' bum rush us
We gotta keep on movin', I got introduced to slangin' and I keep on choosin' it
I see the helicopters movin' in
I thought if you took a loss, you just lose to win
Crawlin' on the floor, tryna get to the dope
Flush it down the toilet 'fore they get me with the four
They did a whole sweep, couldn't even go to sleep
A lot of my family members got got
My uncle looked the police in his eyes and he got shot
Tell me how that make you feel, fake or real?
I'm about to chase a bil', fuck a million
She wanna ride my dick like a stallion
She just wanna pop a X like Malcolm
I got family that's addicts, I got family that's drug dealers
I got family that's murderers, I got family that love niggas
And family important, you just gotta embrace it
Like your dawg could be poor and it just depend what you make it with
I was watchin' Family Guy when the police raided, hmm
A trap full of juggernaut suits, that shit was crazy, damn
How I'ma have my baby? If I'm stuck in the feds at nineteen with twenty-five and a day
You only eatin' three times a day
You gotta save up, put a rock on her finger, that's the only time she gon' stay

I've been tryna pray to the trap God (Trap God, God)
Hope he listen (yeah, yeah)
I've been tryna pray to the trap God (trap God)
Hope it wasn't no witnesses

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