Something More

Joshua Hyslop

I am my beloveds, beloved, are you mine?
Oh, if you asked it of me, I'd tear this down and leave it all behind
I have searched for ages, down every single road
And though the path I follow has lead this far
I fear it's growing cold

So I'll start a fire
Feed the flames so they grow higher and higher
But I know my doubt is strong enough to put a fire out
Oh, I seen them all
Seen them rising and seen each one fall
But I can't ignore
For the answer I am searching for
I want something more

Who is this that gathers around me like the sun?
If everyone who knows you is counted blessed
Will I be counted one?
Who is this that shimmers brighter than the moon?
How could I have looked for it all my life and still have not found truth?

Should I bite tongue?
Simply hope that only hope's enough
Or look for the light
When it's easier to close my eyes
When I called your name
Not in anger but in fear and pain
How the silence roared
How it echoed down the corridor
I want something more
I want something more
I want something more

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Something More (2019)

Joshua Hyslop