Things Are Getting Better


Check it out bitch
See sometimes
You gotta realize
Where you are in your life
And knowing you feel good and I feel good baby
Listen to me

Walk in the club wit a bunch of thugs
Modify ya rings so they call it drugs
See a hundred girls, get a thousand hugs
One's in my ear talkin' bout her tub
She likes me
She say she needs me
Say she wants me
'Cause I'm the shit
Said she likes me
She said she needs me
She wants to see me
'Cause I'm the shit

Now it seems that things are really gettin' better-ah
In my life
Is it just today or things are really gettin' better-ah
We'll see tonight
We'll see tonight

Hey little girl wit the tattoo thigh
Baby you look like a slice of pie
Hope my style don't cause you fear
Matter of fact baby, where you goin' from here?
Kiss on me baby
Lick on me baby
But you can't own me baby
'Cause I'm the shit
Kiss on me baby
Lick on me baby
But you can't own me baby
'Cause I'm the shit

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Check it out now
Don't look at me like "what is up?"
Said I was a nerd but I ain't a punk
If you talk shit be prepared to thump
Plus terrar's four-four is prepared to dump
Watch out boy
Get back then
Watch how you're actin'
'Cause I'm the shit
I'm tellin' you watch it now
Tell ya boys to get back then
Watch how ya'll actin'
'Cause we the shit

[Chorus: Repeat 4X]

How do you feel?
I feel good (3x)
Girl, girl, girl (4x)

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