I Found a True Love

Wilson Pickett

I found a true love, I swear by the stars above
I know she's mine, mine, all mine
I found a true love, I call her Magnolia
I know she's mine, mine, all mine

One more, one more thing
She don't try to play the field, she got a love that's real
And that makes her mine, mine, all mine
She's got the kind of thing about her
That makes me can't do without her
And ah, she's mine, mine, all mine

When I get up in the mornin'
(Do, do, do)
With all my might, lord have mercy
And I give her good lovin', do, yes I do, child
Soothe her all the time, oh yeah
She picked me up, oh yes she did
I'm a-fallin' on down, oh yeah

Ah she placed my feet, y'all, oh yeah
Placed 'em on solid ground
And I can shout about her, yeah
And she's mine, mine, mine
Ah, lord have mercy

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