Misguided Love

Work Of Art


4 am and I just can't sleep Thinking about the night before I'm tossing - and I'm turning You got this poor heart yearning I'm burning for more It's mystery - that I can't explain A magic spell - when you take your aim That makes me fall for you again and again
Every time we touch - your heart's a missile of Misguided love Living for the rush - it's never quite enough And you're here and gone Reaching for the stars - you're never reaching mars I'm gonna have to call your bluff Cause I'm a victim of The dream that never was And your misguided love
You got a look that I can't ignore A power when I touch your skin A kinetic attraction- a physical reaction That just pulls me in And I can't let go when you're in my arms Against my will- against your charms And I just fall for you again and again

Music: Robert Säll, Jim Peterik Words: Jim Peterik Publishing: Frontiers Records, Oyez!, Jim Peterik MusicAdmin Concord Music

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