Crashin' Out

Young Dolph

Lately I been feeling like spazzin' out
Let the band play

Lately I been feeling like spazzin' out (spazzin' out, spazzin' out, spazzin' out, spazzin' out)
Memphis niggas known for crashin' out (crashin' out, crashin' out, crashin' out, crashin' out)
I heard you going broke, so you assed out (assed out, assed out) ayy (assed out)
Tryna keep up with the kid you gon' be ashed out (huh, yeah, yeah)

Yo, tell me how the fuck you think I got here (ayy tell me that)
This rap game ain't shit to me but some cartwheels (shit's weak)
Ninety percent of these niggas not real (damn)
Started rapping, found out these rappers jewelry not real (damn)
Damn, swear that shit hurt my heart dawg
Huh, fuck it though
Never had a deal but got more guap than all of y'all (it's Dolph)
Lost a half of mil' that's why I started rapping, dawg (it's Dolph)
Tall skinny nigga, I should've been playing ball (birr)
But I had niggas spending a hundred grand every time they called (hello)
It ain't shit to pick up a pistol and go robbin' nigga (ain't that easy)
I let my nuts hang, went out of town and went mobbin' nigga (mobbin')
Think 'bout my childhood, all I remember is starving nigga (gone)
Old niggas in the hood was hating, but I ain't buy them niggas (fuck 'em)
Made a pledge with my niggas, we brothers forever (yeah)
Don't give a fuck, you right or wrong, we thuggin' forever (yeah!)
Shit was treacherous in my hood, nigga (every man for they self)
Richest nigga in my hood, nigga, huh, yeah yeah

(Do what I wanna) before this rap shit (yeah yeah)
None of that cap shit (yeah yeah)
Just might be the realest nigga on the map, bitch (yeah yeah!)
Had your sister holding pounds on some trap shit (ayy hold it)
Bout to go pick up some gualla, I'll be back bitch (it's Dolph)
Two-two thousand miles away, by my damn self (it's Dolph)
Niggas talk too much so I don't need no damn help (fuck 'em)
Dolph ran up them milly's, you feel like he owe you don't you? (Yep)
But tell the truth, you would cross him out for some paper, won't you? (Yep)
Why I show you so much, you ain't never did shit for me (hold up)
I take that back, besides run your mouth like a bitch to me (damn)
I ain't got no rap friends 'cause all they bitches feeling me (damn)
They know deep down inside I'm what they nigga wanna be (damn)
Ain't nothing but one of me (damn)
He really from the streets (damn)
He really swung them P's (damn)
He really bought that double R truck, it's not a lease (damn)
Huh, momma called me crying, said she proud of me (I love you)
Remember a couple of my own niggas doubted me (fuck you)
Found my first plug, was like I hit the lottery (thank you, God)
When I get shot, was the first time I ain't have my Glock with me
(Hahahahahahaha, ayy!)

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