Gaslight District

Sara Gazarek

Foggy night, a winding road, silent sound of afterglow,
where secrets grow and flicker in the fading light
Wandering these streets alone, lost in love, so far from home,
but blood and bone, I'm left to know which way is right.

In the gaslight district, where up is down and faith is real
In the gaslight district, where bitter hearts are soft as steel
Lonely minds breathe twisted, it doesn't matter what you feel,
In the gaslight district.

You dimmed the light and gripped my love, swearing under god above,
you'd freed the dove and finally knew what to do.
Every time you said her name, I shut my eyes and took the blame,
I tried in vain, to seek and find the truth in you.

In the gaslight district, where what you know is burned away.
In the gaslight district, you've mind to go and heart to stay.
But the dawn comes glistening, and shadows fade in light of day
In the gaslight district.

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