Amor De Conuco

Michel Camilo

Dime si me va a querer
soy hombre de poco hablar, Consuelo
no tengo na' que ofrecer
un conuco, un gallo y un lucero
y la luz de la mañana
que entra por mi ventana, cielo
y los rios y la montaña
y el viento que peina tu pelo
yo quisiera ofrecerte el mundo y no puedo.

Na me tienes que ofrecer
tu mirada es lo unico que quiero
dormiremos cuando el dia
se acueste encima del potrero
y los grillos haran su canto
y entre hierba y pasto soñaremos
y de tanto amor tu cuerpo
hara de mi vientre lo que espero,
un retrato de tu cariño, te quiero.

uohhh te quiero
uohhh te quiero


It tell me if it is going to want to me I am man of little speaking, Consolation I do not have na' that to offer conuco, a rooster and a lucero and the light in the morning that it enters by my window, sky and the rivers and the mountain and the wind that combs your hair I wanted ofrecerte the world and I cannot. Na you must to me offer your glance is the unique thing that I want we will sleep when the day one lies down upon the potrero and the crickets you would haran its song and between grass and grass we will dream and of as much love your body hara of my belly which I hope, a picture of your affection, I want to you. uohhh I want to you uohhh I want to you

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