Emilina Says

Richard Hawley

Well I come back to find
Emilina's got somebody else on her mind
And I came back too soon
Emilina's got somebody else in her room
It's the walk down that haunts
It's a place that's so cruel to all love it can't talk
And I come back to know
Emilina just wouldn't go

Would you court me if I call?
Would you catch me should I fall?

I imagined I'd find
Emilina with somebody taking her time
I turned 'round a fool
Emilina's got nobody up in her room
A thought that she called
An old ghost of a lover whose dust left the hall
There's nothing you own
When someone has to go

Would you catch me should I fall?
Can I court you if I call?
I would catch you if you fall

Emilina's got something way up in her mind
You'll end up thinking how you got so entwined

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