Chinese Radio

London Boys

It was back in '69, like a night mare cryin'
In a hotel bed on the coast
Happy Shanghai girls
Like a pretty string of pearls
And a snow storm up in my nose

I was on my way to heaven, with a funky red 11
And a switchblade job on the side
Hear the music playin' and my heartbeat prayin'
To the airways out in the night

Ouh, radio! I love my radio! My chinese radio
Ouh, radio! I love my radio! My chinese radio

Oh, I could write a million stories
Tales of love and hate and pain
And my fears would truly frighten
Any ordinary man

Is there someone out there laughing!
Walking in the pouring rain,
Lord, I'm sure I know the answers
But it's too hard
To explain

Now my head is burning, an' I feel it turning
In an igloo up on the moon
Saying: Lord, have mercy on a guy from Jersey
And it falls back into my room

Just a stranded tourist
An' I wouldn't touch the purest
If I ever get out here alive
While the FM-switches and the green-light digits
Keep in touch with the world outside

Just a river on the run, now
I'm flyin' and I won't touch down
Got nowhere left to run
I get on my knees and pray!

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