Ay brah drop us off right here
Right here the blue house bra
Ay brah let's get in these bushes
When that fuck nigga get here he gets it

[Chorus: x2]
You don't know it but I done peeped where you stay pussy
Bitch you gettin' to yo house, I be right in yo bushes
Jump out with that choppa, actin' real foolish
Keep bullshittin' nigga I'ma be right in yo bushes

[Verse 1:]
But get dropped off with them goons late night
We gone dug off with them choppas and sit tight
Lay right in yo bushes until you come back
And when we finish them crackers gone have to put you on ice
Nigga jumpin' up out them bushes ain't nothin' nice
We gone throw some shit but ain't gone be rice
Hollow points gone be whistlin' comin' back to back
Nigga we murkin' we ain't worried bout you buckin' back
We ain't come for the money we come for yo life
Nigga we patient with this shit we'll lay all night
We done did it before laid till the sunlight
You don't know it yet but fuck nigga you gettin' wiped

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2:]
Got on my monkey suit layin in this wet grass
Got me hot pussy I wanna give it to you bad
Soon as you turn up in this bitch we puttin' it on yo ass
Fuck niggas that run they mouths don't last
Me and my goons don't argue nigga we toe tag
You ain't do it right them crackers gone bring them body bags
Wanna see what you do when you see that ski mask
Want see you smile for that yoppa when you see it flash
We ain't gone let you get out we shootin' through yo glass
Walkin' to yo car shooting that choppa lookin' mad
Bustin' from the front, the goons bustin' from the back
Clique of young niggas gettin' off in all black

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3:]
My goons lurk all day lookin' for spots
Tryin' to find where you layin' and what you got
Might done followed you home whether you know it or not
Until we peep something nigga we circling the block
Keep them yoppas on deck so we ready to squab
Nigga ridin' all mornin' since 7 o'clock
I'm on yak they on pills we ready to wile
So if you slippin' and we peep you we ready to plie
Four yoppas fifty rounds two hundred shots
All us ridin' with big toolies no glocks
All the yoppas off safety no locks
Better hope yo bushes ain't our next spot

[Chorus: x2]

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