She Loves Me Like She Means It

Eddie Rabbitt

She's not the kind who likes to hang around with me and the guys
She said she wants me all to herself
Now, ain't that nice?

She's got those lovin' eyes
That make me wanna stay
Yeah, she's my lucky day

She loves me like she means it
She loves me, I can feel it
And lookin' in her eyes
I see my sweet surprise
She's got moonlight in her mind
Ooh, she makes love mighty fine

Now, she's the kinda girl that looks so fine wearin' anything
(She looks so fine)
She looks her best when all she's wearin' is that diamond ring
What keeps that smile on her face?
This world can be so cruel
Oh, she's nobody's fool

And she loves me like she means it
Oh, you know she does
She loves me, I can feel it
And all day, all night
Ooh, we fit together right
She's got fire in her soul
She makes me lose control

And she loves me like she means it
Oh, you know she does
She loves me, I can feel it
Ooh, she loves me like she means it
Ooh, ooh, ooh
She loves me, I can feel it

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