1946 Mexico Paracaidistas Mexican Military Music (Banda Militar Mexicana Canciones Militares)

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30 Hymns, Marches and Army Songs. World Military Bands (2013)

Hits Anthems Back Sound Effects Studio

1792 France La Marseillaise the National Anthem of the Republic of France (La Marsellesa Himno Nacional De Francia) 1808 England Jerusalem Hymn (Poem by William Blake National Hymn) 1854. Mexico Himno Nacional Mexicano (Mexican National Anthem Himnos Nacionales) 1871 Prussia Old German Kingdom Army Marchs (The Glory of Prussia March) 1884 Japan Old Japanese War Marches музыка из Японии (陸軍音楽 軍隊行進曲) 1889 Chile Himnos Militares Viejos Camaradas (Alte Kameraden военная музыка) 1889 Usa Military March the Washington Post (American Popular Marches Música Militar De America) 1890 U.S. Hight School Cadets (Famous Army Marches of America) 1893 Spain Los Voluntarios Marchas Desfile Militar Español (Spanish Military March and Parade Music) 1895 U.S. America the Beautiful (American Patriotic Song Canciones Patrioticas) 1895 Australia Waltzing Matilda Australian Patriotic Songs (Quick March of the Army) 1896 Eeuu the Stars and Stripes Forever (Patriotic American March Marchas Patrioticas Americanas) 1911 Scotland the Brave (The British Columbia Dragoons of Canada Army March Antigua Marcha Militar) 1912 United Kingdom Here, There and Everywhere March (A Old England Military Band Viejas Grabaciones Militares) 1914 England a Legendary British Military March (Banda De Música Britanicas) 1917 U.S. Glory! Glory! Battle Hymn of the Republic Us Civil War (War Songs) 1919 Peru Marcha Marcial Militar Ejercito Peruano (Martial Music армия марши Marchas Militares) 1922 Cccp Urss Union Sovietica De Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas (Old Soviet Socialist Republics Anthem) 1935 Mexico Viva Mexico Marcha Militar Mexicana (Military March of Mejico) 1936 Советский Союз Urss Zhit' Stalo Luchshe (Living Has Gotten Better старинные русские песни) 1938 Urss If Tomorrow Brings War (Old Soviet March Cccp Русские военные песни) 1939 España Himno Militar Del Cuerpo De La Policia Armada (Military Anthems Los Grises) 1946 Mexico Paracaidistas Mexican Military Music (Banda Militar Mexicana Canciones Militares) 1947 North Korea Army Songs (Canciones Del Ejercito De Corea Del Norte) 1949 Deutsche Demokratische Republik Old National Anthem of Rda (Antiguos Himnos национальных гимнов) 1995 Ireland's Call Hymn (Irish Rugby Football Union Hinnos) [Live Version] 1896 U.S. the Captain Popular American Military Parade March (El Capitán) Scotland Military Band with Bagpipes (Restored Old Recordings Army March Gaitas Escocesas)) United Kingdom Patriotic March (Military Song of Uk Musica Militar Inglesa) New Zealand the Haka Traditional and Ancestral War Cry (Cancion De Guerra Haka Maori De Nueva Zelanda)