I Got To Go


12:30 in the morning on a one-ten
New black Benz new girlfriend
Celebratin cause the boy done did it
Hit the biggest lick in L.A. history
Listen to me now
The man made a deal with the devil
The F.B.I.
I always thought it was a no no
And he said why
Should I not get this government paper
Plus I didn't like these niggas no way
We downtown around 11:30
About to get up with some niggas that we know is dirty
We got the federally money in the briefcase
That we done replaced
Believe it when we see the whites of they eyes we gonna ride

I got to go cause they tryin to get me
I got the money and the drugs I left the building
So now the fedz and the thugs wanting both of my endz
And I ain't trying to let them get near me
Because I got to go
Cause they tryin to snatch all the goods from my lick and it ainthappening like that
See I done stole a lot of shit you think i'm giving it back
They sayin give me the loot hold and were the coke I gotta go

Oh see them coming as they move into the street lights
Showin on them like beeds to they eyes
Seems like I'm always in the same position
You know the money and the yay dippin on the freeway
But I won't be broke this time
Cause now I run a six and my chick got the 5
I throw my phone out the window
Cause the boys is coming wondering why they wasn't informed of thedropoff point
So we boys and boys we keep rollin
Over to my girlfriend and don't think
When I talk to my homeboys I don't hear
They said our time was almost up but this is business

Supposed to go now i'm thinkin hard
Something odd with this braud
And I knew it dogg
Now I'm lookin down the barrel as she yelling pull over
Saying show over baby should of stopped when I told you
I ain't stoppin yo ass gonna have to shoot me
She cocked the joint so I guess she didn't get my point
We hit a truck in the back
She dropped the gat I pressed the gas and mashed

(Chorus 2x)

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