Goombay Dance Band

They came 500 years ago
They stole the gold of Mexico
Killed the people one by one
Only talking with their guns
Brave men locked on iron chains
All young mothers sold as slaves
Babies crying through the night
Will they ever see a light

Golden dreams of Eldorado
All have drowned in seas of pain and blood
Golden dreams of Eldorado
May come true but only in your heart

Reach out your hands and you'll be free
Then we shall live in liberty
Oh, will mankind ever learn
Shall the whole world die and burn


Within the memory of man
The search for happiness has never ended
But the gates of Eden will ever be closed
For those conquitadores who are only hungry
For power and might
Because the real Eldorado
Isn't made out of diamonds and gold
It's the immortal yearning
For peace, love and understanding
In the hearts of everyone


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