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A Lot of Monster Rap Beats for Crazy Saturday Nights, Vol. 1 (2019)

Various Artists

Little More Cowbell Please Slowly Smoked Ghetto Lover Call Dragon Hunter Responsible Sources Fat Pack Cat Rat Stack Breaking Bad Again Bring the Right Mail Real Harley Find First Signs of Spring Almost Like a Gangsta Jazz Shady Park Looking for a Party Any Night Shape of Beats to Come No Time to Stop Record Player on Fire Presidential Revolution From Caddy to Vette Filling Wide Gaps Hot Midnight Crawler Weekend Soul Shaker Others Have a Premium Life Chaos Modern East Coast Guru Closer Better Destination No Thugs Wanted Hospital Tomorrow Right Keys Missing New Adventures Latin Booty Drop Another Lonely Morning Club Life High Five Electronic Fuel Cell Hard Times and Lies Legend of Moby Dick Homies Left Alone Over the Line We Better Finish This 30 Minutes Rock Grooves Hard Bald Disco Funk Dude I Can Feel the Pressure Over the Hollywood Hills and Far Away Worst Hotel Room Service Ever Northern Sky High Luminance Rapping in the Dark Side Getting Too Hot Armed and Ready Keep the Good Mood Unwanted Man from Amsterdam Mega Beat Storm Photo Album Full of New Memories Nasty Way of Living Dead Wrong This Time Last Remaining Hours Never Heard Beat Rise of the Undead Breathing Alive and Well Net Worth of Life Master Melodic Mistake Cometh Coffee and Cookie Time Fun Aint over Yet Rooftop Tropic Sunset Last Done Born Busy Under Mild Pressure Always Dream Big Another Talent Got Lost Today How to Score High Single Take Everything Going Fine After All Start a Day with a Beat War Call King of the Jungle Boogie Army of Darkness Everybody Waiting Hip Hopper and the Show Stopper Raw and Ready Steel Pan Indonesian Roots Sticks and Stones Best of Things I've Known Finally Ready for the Countdown Cool Down Funk Jack of All Trades Check Your Bank Account Broken Phone Turn the Funk Switch Where the Beat Goes Blues Tunes Coming West Wing Swinger Lottery Fail Holding My Best of Goodies Groove Monster I Got Your Stash Beast of the Underworld My Soul Missing Something