Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

Tame Impala

Nothing that has happened so far has
Been anything we could control
I have just been waiting for the perfect
Time to tell you I don't know
Maybe I'm just reading into it a
Little deeper than I should
We would make it easy we would take
It slowly if only we could

Hey, what are you doing out here?
You're thinking about everything, aren't you?
I know it's crazy, but just don't think of it like that
Nothing has to mean anything
Come on, come back inside

Look at me
Unless you're trying to hurt me
Heavy blow
Down I go
Now I just want to let go

Is it right?
Is it wrong?
I don't know
It's not the cause I'm fighting for
But it sucks to keep on running
There will be
A time for clearer thinking
For now I weep
Can't get to sleep
I try to hold a good feeling
I just get one
Here it comes
There it goes
Now we just might
Lose the fight, yeah
But it's alright
It wasn't our decision

Nothing that has happened so far
Has been anything we could control
I am just here waiting for the perfect
Time to tell you what I know
Every man is happy until
Happiness is suddenly a goal
I'll just be here waiting 'til the
Doctor calls and then I'll let you know

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