[Verse 1:]
Yeah I caught you peekin'by the corner of my eye.
Me I'm never sleepin' bet you think I'm fly. I'm tryin' to take
A girl home tonight you see.
Tonight vip belongs to me. On toroge fresh whip and you already know.
Got the tweeties cherpin'just turned out my show.
All you got to do is shake that thang for me. Ladies if you feel me then come on after me.

And the club is thick tell her flip the switch When I'm her then it all goes down.
Here's ya cup baby take a sip
Tell the waitress bring another round.

Make a shakedown mama like cops on the block keep it movin' it around like rems that don't stop.
now twist ya hips mami' lick ya lip for me drop it and make it sway.
Now she stirring up the mix like sugar in a pot let me chase that ass down like licks on the rocks. Twist ya hips mami' damn I like the way you drop it and make it sway.

[Verse 2:]
Yeah you do this every weekend that's the way it go.
Penoles on level sweet and stack full of more. Strech
caddies on call ready to roll. Got the after party put em off they tryin to go.
Now i got the keys and pumped them in the front four five and sixes show ya how to stunt.
end them models to the back to wait for me twist it up like that girl you know it's time for me.



Now the club is poppin' and it ain't stoppin' cops tryin' to tell us to leave.
Let that ass keep droppin' fellas
Keep watchin' I'm gonna let you pick my steeves. [Repeat: x 2]


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