Little Girl

Kira Isabella

Hey little girl; braids in your hair
Big bad world, but you ain't scared no
Cause nobody's gone and told you
To shut up, play nice; do what you're told
Marry into money and don't ever let him go
Is what they're gonna tell ya

When it's two steps back and one step forward
The judge and the jury are working for each other
They ain't gonna tell ya how to play the game

Little girl, don't ever let 'em keep you down
Little girl, dream bigger than they showed you how
Then shake it up like a ground breaker
Shatter ceilings like a skyscraper
If they go low, you go high
Don't ever let 'em make you feel little girl

Hey little girl, you'll dress to fit in
Look like a star, they'll call it a sin oh
But they don't even know ya
He'll lie to your face, even though you love him
You'll take the blame, cause you had it coming whoa
But you never had it coming no

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Side A (2018)

Kira Isabella