Roll on Big Mama

Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley

Roll on, (roll on) big mama,
I like the way you sing,
Roll on (roll on) big mama,
The night time lets her breathe,
Well, the feel of the wheel delivers me
From a life where I don't wanna be and the diesel smoke
With every stroke sings a song with a heavy note

And rambling is the life I chose,
Sitting here between the doors,
And the yellow line a keeping time,
The things that's a running through my mind,
Through my mind

Roll on (roll on) big mama,
I like the way you roll
Roll on (roll on) big mama,
You are my very soul

On through the snow and the driving rain,
To the forty-below in Bangor Maine,
To the hundred-and-ten in the Texas sun,
There ain't no road that we ain't run,
Up through the Colarado mountain tops,
Down to the desert where Reno stops,
North to the green of Coeur D' Alene
There ain't no road that we ain't seen
We ain't seen

Roll on (roll on) big mama,
You're singing out my song,
Roll on (roll on) big mama,
The highway is our home,
Roll on(roll on) big mama,

Hey anybody got a copy on this silver roadhog?
What's the smokey situation down the way, boys?
My they're fine, I'm a coming I'm a coming

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