I Love You

Martina McBride

The sun is shinin' everyday
Clouds never get in the way
For you and me.
I've known you just a week or two
But,baby,I'm so into you
Can hardly breathe.

And I'm in so totally wrapped up
Emotionally attracted,so physically actin'
So recklessly I need you
So desperately sure as the sky is blue
Baby, I love you.

I never knew that I could feel like this
Can hardly wait til our next kiss
You're so cool.
If I'm dreamin' please don't wake me up
Cause, baby, I can't get enough
Of what you do.


And I'm in so electrically charged up kinetically
Actin' erratically,need you fanatically
You get to me magically
Sure as the sky is blue
Baby, I love you.

I can't believe that this is real.
The way I feel.
Baby,I'm gone head over heels.


Baby, I love you.
Do you love me too?
Baby, I love you.

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