What Can I Say

Boz Scaggs

(What can I say?)
(What can I do?)

Three a.m., it's me again, wouldn't you know
Things would have to end this way
I did my best by perfect guest knew when to go
Perfect, you knew when to stay

Come on, tell me that you're lonely dear
I've been feeling down some too
After all this time now, I've made it clear
I've been waiting just for you

(What can I say?)
Oh, to make me know baby
(What can I do?)
Ooh, show me that I care
(What can I say?)
Hmmm, got to have your number baby
(What can I do?)

Can't you see the people just stop and stare?
Don't it make you wonder why?
I just happened to be standing there
Can't you see it in my eyes?

(What can I say?)
Hmmm, you got me actin' like a fool girl
(What can I do?)
Ooh, stop making like a little school girl
(What can I say?)
Could be your lucky day, baby
(What can I do?)
Hmmm, let's talk
(What can I say?)
Ahh, talk to me girl

(What can I say?)
Oh, to make you know baby
(What can I do?)
Oh, to show you that I care
(What can I say?)
Ooh, I'm down on my knees
(What can I do?)
Please, please, please, what can I say?

[Fades to end]

(What can I say?)
(What can I do?)
Ooh, what can I do?
(What can I say?)
What can I say, b-a-b-y

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