You Better Get in Line

The Contours

You are the queen of the floor
An I loved you so much
But I can't dance so good
Now you want my ring
'Cause I'm the king
But can you dance like I thought you could

You better get in line
You know you're looking so fine (so fine)
You gotta wait your turn (your turn)
You girl gotta yeah
What you can do (what you can do)
You gotta follow me too (follow me too)
When I say move (when I say move)
I want to hear the grove
Move move

Now do the wild juicy
(Wild juicy wild juicy)
The wild wild juicy
(Wild juicy wild juicy)
The wild wild juicy
(Wild juicy wild juicy)

You're looking good
Like I knew you would
Now do the locomotion
The locomotion
The locomotion

You're the best
Cause you're passing the test

If you can twist
(lets do the twist)
Baby you can't miss
You know you're winning my heart (win my heart)
And we ain't gonna
No no no

Come on come on
Ready baby do the wobble
(wobble wobble)
The wobble wobble
(wobble wobble)
The wobble wobble

Mash mashpotato
Mash mashpotato

Holly darlin
Holly holly

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