I Dig Rock & Roll Music


I dig rock and roll music
And I love to get the chance to play (and sing it)
I figure it's about the happiest sound goin' down today

The message may not move me
Or mean a great deal to me
But hey! It feels so groovy to say
I dig the Mamas and the Papas at "the trip"
Sunset strip in L.A.
And they got a good thing goin'
When the words don't get in the way
And when they're really wailing
Michelle and Cass are sailin'
Hey! they really nail me to the wall

Donovan kind of in a dream-like, tripped out way
His crystal images tell you 'bout a brighter day
And when the Beatles tell you
They've got a word "love" to sell you
They mean exactly what they say

I dig rock and roll music
I could really get it on in that scene.
I think I could say somethin' if you know what I mean
But if I really say it, the radio won't play it
Unless I lay it between the lines
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa

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