Cmon everybody

Eddie Cochran

Well c'mon everybody and let's get together tonight
I got some money in my jeans and I'm really gonna spend it right
Well been a-doin' my homework all week long
And now the house is empty and my folks have gone
Ooh, c'mon everybody

Well my baby's number one but I'm gonna dance with three or four
And the house'll be a-shakin' from the bare feet a-slappin' on the floor
When you hear that music you can't sit still
If your brother won't rock you then your sister will
Ooh, c'mon everybody

Well we'll really have a party but we gotta put a guard outside
If the folks come home I'm afraid they're gonna have my hide
They'll be no more movies for a week or two
No more runnin' round with the usual crew
Who cares, c'mon everybody

C'mon everybody

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