The Kids Aren't Quiet On Sharmon Palms

Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards

You can't break, me down
You can't break, can't break me down
You can't break, me down
You can't break (nah nah nah nah nah nah)
Can't break me down

sun sets on the west side,palm trees block the moon
renegades with switchblades,end is comin soon
over the car in shackles,breath stinks of napalm
ichy trigger finger and im reaching for his gun


baseball bats swingin',shotguns cut through wood
boys are coming up,we run my neiborhood
its time to meet your maker,im no messenger of god
these kids aint quiet,these kids om sharmon palms


"you better watch yourself, its gettin' hot around here,
you better look over your shoulder man-YEH!"

welfare chicks are coming,only way to survive
cocain reps are runnin,now you gotta stay alive
son youve been mistaken,this is not where you belong
i looked at him right in his eyes said-
thats where your fucking wrong!


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