To Have And To Have Not

Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards

Up in the morning and out to school
Mother says there be no work next year
Qualifications once the Golden Rule are now just pieces of paper
Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy.
Just because you're going forwards doesn't mean I'm going backwards.

Well if you look the part well then you'll get the job in last year's trousers and your oldschool shoes
The truth is son it's a buyer's market they can afford to pick and choose
Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy

Just because I dress like this doesn't mean I'm a Communist.
Well the factory's are closing and the army's full
I don't know what I'm going to do
But I've come to see in the land of the free

There's only room for the chosen few
Well at 21 you're atop of the scrap heap
At 16 you were top of your class
Well I dropped outta high school in Cambell, CA
Got a guitar and I never looked back

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