Stand Atlantic

I'm a wave in the ocean,
You're a tree in the orchard
I'm out like I'm under,
Stuck deep in your soil

From my chest, to my head,
To the breath on your neck,
Silhouettes and regrets
Now replace you instead

Spit me out

Do you feel empty?
Cause your whispers consume me
They grow deeper,
They shake me and they linger
I'm a renegade and a sinner
You're a blue bird in the winter,
Disguising the way you hide
Like a sidewinder

You lack in conviction,
So suffer in silence
With self medication
And its sour elation
I've been muting the colours on my skin
I've been matching the distance that you bring
I fall asleep to the pressure,
That I can't make this better,
Cause you won't let me further in

Spit me out

You could've used some respect,
Instead you played with my head
And now I'll never let you go,
I'm on the side of the fence you don't call home
Sidewinder wake me in the dead of night
So you can take me to the place you hide.

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Sidewinder (2017)

Stand Atlantic