Mess I Made

Stand Atlantic

There's gotta be a better way to let this be told,
Don't know why you wanna stay when I act so cold
Drop my thoughts alone,
I never had my own,
Cause I'm lost inside,
I wanna fall into paradise

It's killing me, killing me,
I got this far on my own
Just colour me, colour me,
I'm so afraid
Underneath all of the mess that I have made

I don't wanna fade away, let it slip off my tongue
What's another day awake with a twist in my lungs?
Drown in doubts alone, I've always had my own,
Cause I'm lost inside,
Someone take me home

Try to find my way around the honest answers
It's killing me just living in the mess I made
I fell into a river of all my own disasters and
Wash away the worst and leave me clean.

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Mess I Made (2017)

Stand Atlantic