Song for Aberdeen

Mando Diao

She was an alcoholic artist
With too much makeup round her eyes
And I never knew her real name
She was sunbeam wrapped in lies
But I love her and I'm sorry
And that's all there is to say
It's like a fairy from the ancient time
And I hope it, I hope it stays that way

And when I woke up on your kitchen floor
With a headache made in hell
And the flowers that I gave you
Smiled at me from the window pane
Then I thought I must be crazy
Cause I'm feeling kinda good
And then when Satan helped me up again
It was then I, it was then I understood

Well I was never meant to be a good boy
I was never meant to go to school
Well it's guys like me who get somewhere
Cause everybody pitty a fool
Now it's payback for the rainy days
Now it's no more me and you
Well I got mine, you got yours babe
Now it's payback
Now it's me against the world

It was the last time I forgave you

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