Surely Missed

Nina Sky

I'm sitting here all confused
Never-ending thoughts of you
My days and nights, they're lonely
Happiest times, all memories
I dream of past days gone by
When you were right here by my side
To help me cope with all this pain
Without you, my friend, life's not the same

Good times, they're gone
My smiles, no more
Childhood memories a few and we
Can't believe we never said goodbye
I sing this song
To show your spirit lives on
I hope you're hearing this
Because you're surely missed

Woke up one day to bad news
Car accident involving you
A woman said you'd be saved
Guess only God knew your fate
I could not believe my ears
My heart had dropped
I burst to tears
My best friend, my other half
So much has changed since you passed


Gotta be strong
For the family
Never forget what you mean to me
You'll always be in our hearts
Heaven was missing an angel
But why did they take you
Our first-born will be blessed with your name
To live on your legacy
I miss you and know you're watching me

I miss you?I miss you
Can't believe we never said goodbye
I sit here and cry
Let this song express my emotion
Let it speak for my heart
You'll always be in my heart

[Chorus: x2]

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