What's My Name

Ja Rule

[18 second intro about the Bible]
[Ja Rule]
Yeah, yeah (woo!) woo (we here, geah)
see'mon (we ain't goin nowhere, see'mon)
Remix, see'mon
(now, this is Jimmy Cliff Notes)
(I'ma run through the roster man)
Let 'em know (on Murder INC)
Uhh (startin with Ashanti - owwwwwtch!)

[Chorus: Ashanti + (Ja)]
J-A-are (yeah) you-L-E (what, let 'em know)
(Who else you thought it would beeeee)
(All my b****es with me say)
J-A-are, you-L-E (what's my name, n****?)
(Who'da thought this wouldn't, beeeee)
(Everybody with me say)

[Ja Rule]
Holla!! I'm back
Anyone with good sense bet on that
Cause I ain't never went nowhere, I still got business here
All my b****es get your hands in the air
Now BACK THAT A**, UP ON ME - now let's roll
Go, goin, gone, sold
What's cooler than bein cool? (ICE COLD) why'all know
that I do this for all my n****z and my b****es
And it's murder 'til day that I die, can't spit it no more
All my n****z that tusslin, get yours
All my b****es that's makin money, get yours
The world ain't only mine, it's yours
And I'm sure
That, there's no love if you don't go through pain
And I'm the n**** that done changed the game
What's my name?

[Chorus w/ minor changes to Ja ad libs]

[Ja Rule]
Who's that n****?
If you feelin yourself youse that n****, tryin to get hit up
Buried in cat litter cause that's how INC get up
Makin sure they don't get up, it's murder
Who's that b****?
If you feelin yourself youse that b****, tryin to get rich
Dyin to get hitched to a n**** that's caked up
Willin to spend time and even more at Jacob
But you a**ume position, face down, a** up
And I think I got you in that same pose pinned up
In a picture painted frame been hangin love
A** naked, lookin like you're high on drugs
And that's wha**up, what, all b**** n****z is gettin touched
And no bad b****es is gettin f***ed
Cause you know who, did you know what, if you know what's
Then you know it's not a game, what's my name?

[Chorus w/ minor changes to Ja ad libs]

[Ja Rule + (Ashanti)]
Ba-by girl, is you with me? S*** (yes sir!)
Sayin all of that without speakin a word
(I like) to do this that and a third
(And I love) the way you put in reverse
And now clap for me mami, clap back, keep it swervin
Wide body had to be built by suburban
N****z around lookin like they nervous, I see 'em
N****z around me want to rob him and leave him
But I'm partyin tonight for one reason
N****z know that the bulls*** was dead on the streets
N****z I'm gettin high, gettin head as we speak
Long live the great ones, B.I.G, P.A.C.
I'm "Ready to Die," "All Eyez on Me"
And n****z know they can do it the same
But still they try to diss, that's part of the game
What's my name?

[Chorus w/ same as before]

[Ja Rule]
Yeah, yeah
Murder INC, all my family we here
Big shout to all my n****z
All my crud n****z, all my street n****z, all my grime n****z
All my industry n****z, all my corporate n****z
It's love, it's pain, and we together mayn
Holla back at me, uhh

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