Take Care Of Yourself

Level 42

Are you ready?
(Yeah yeah)
Are you ready to rock?
(Yeah yeah)
Do you want to do it?
(Yeah yeah)
Get down on it?
(Yeah yeah)

Marching clock now he don`t stop,
Seen it quite a lot
And he says take care of yourself,
Old man sighs, shuts his eyes
And leaves behind another life
Take care of yourself,
Millstones swing, `grind your thing`
Pay the tax and alimony.
Take care of yourself,
Raise that boy, he`ll go far
`Cos he had a real good teacher.
Take care of yourself

Truth don`t go, don`t go far
Sell a lie to any paper.
Take care of yourself.
Sleep too deep, zombie sleep,
and all alone it has to be.
Take care of yourself.

Peace of mind is hard to find
But he don`t mind like you don`t mind y`all
Big t don`t care that you don`t mind
No she don`t care and you don`t matter
One nine nine Oh here we go
May the next ten break the mould
Take care of yourself
Mister good`s gone away
Looking out for number one says
take care of yourself

Did she say where you`d have to stay
When the party`s over?
Can you face the longest march to come
Now you know you`re not the number one?

Yeah yeah
(Feel all right?)
Yeah yeah
(You know its `packing in` your mind?)
Yeah yeah
(But the hero says)
Yeah yeah
(I get blind anyway)
Yeah yeah
(Doesn`t matter to me)
Yeah yeah
(Whatever you say)
Yeah yeah
(I got more than yesterday)
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

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