Boyz II Men

I don't even know why I'm tripping
Cause you're gonna do your thing so it don't make a difference
And I ain't gonna change, I'mma stay on this mission
A big backyard, few cars, and a kitchen
I wanna put you in and take some minute for the pop off
I bet you look cute in the coupe with the top off
If you ain't gonna ride this train you should hop off
Cause if it ain't real baby girl it's a knock off

Oh I swear you're the one that I wanted
That's why I'm like girl, just live in the moment
Cause I ain't never felt this way about a woman
You play a big part in the man I'm becoming
So baby please

If you really wanna leave, baby, now is the best time (now is the best time)
Cause I can't make you believe, I didn't gave you my best line (gave you my best line)
Cause all I got right now is a flow and I can see that you need more
But I can play you six in a row, right now (right now)
All I got is a flow (oh oh oh oh oh oh)
All I got is a flow (oh oh oh)
Is it good enough for you, girl?

Please don't miss what I'm saying
I'm far from a kid and I'm so not playing
Never felt a heart so cold in my lair
You throwing in the towel right before the way in
You don't even see that I'm due for a knockout
I'm putting in work, it's too early, to clock out
Shawty lay back, be cool, we gonna rock out
This thing is too loud and it's so hard to block out
Feeling like a seven forty seven fly away
If love is blind come and take my sight away
I ain't got to see, I can feel that you want it
So please don't be afraid of whatever we becoming, becoming yeah


And I'mma let it breathe
I'mma let it breathe like the breeze through the tree tops
And I'mma let it breathe
I'mma let it breathe, do you love me, love me not, yeah
I'mma let it breathe
I'mma let it breathe, breeze like the tree tops
I'mma let it breathe
Tell me do you love me?


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