You And Me


When you first met me
I said I already had a man
But you still pursued me
Now you don't understand
I won't let him go
I told you so
Listen to me
Ain't nothing changed
So don't expect for me to leave

I never made you think there was love
I never said there's a chance for us
So there's no need for you to catch feelings for me
What will it take for you to give up?
How could you possibly love so much?
But there can't be anything between you and me

There never was a time when I loved you
There never was a chance that I gave you
So how could you be loving me when I never loved you?
Why can't you just leave me alone?
Don't try and break up my happy home
What must I do for you to see
That there's no you and me?

One year has gone by
So why do you keep on calling me?
I told you the last time
That me and you could never be
Time has gone by
And still you try
To get with me
No questions why
Don't try to find
A place with me


[Chorus x 2]



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