We'll Always Love Big Poppa


(Can't believe we doing this record)
We'll always love Big Poppa
We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)

We'll always love Big Poppa
We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)
We'll always love Big Poppa (Yeah)
We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)

I look in the clouds, hope you past the sun
Hope you right next to God and he calling you Son
Taking you in, Angels breaking you in
This is heaven and no longer do you have to sin

And may God bless your mom and your two children
Your wife, your family and all your friends
Everybody stay strong, the good die young
Where we from it's all wrong, we all confused

Never know what we have til what we have we lose
Think Big, we just lost a very big jewel
Hip-hop itself is at a pit-stop itself
Seeing Big die I wish the shit would stop itself

It hurts, you're probably too good for this earth
Genius at his work
Made dirty cats want to get a clean shirt
Pop Cristal and rock they ice work (word), go Big *go Big*

Everybody wanted to know Big
Made the rap biz, glitter like showbiz
Ask anybody, who could flow Big
All the cats shined, but you would glow Big

Frank White lyrically, moved niggas spiritually
Made you want to get a cup, fill it up with Hennessey
Front in the club and light a dutch where the women be
If you seen the show then I know you felt the energy

We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big) [Repeat: x8]
Just to let y'all know, everything is all real
But it's sad when a good fella catch a raw deal
And pain is a part of life that we all feel

Today this whole rap game is getting more ill
It make me look back, to where he took rap
Dude brought the East back, y'all better believe that
He never had a warning, One More Chance

Was right before him everybody must answer when God's calling
I flew b's wit him, I blew trees wit him
Couldn't wait to go on tour across seas wit him
People seem to get lost and, blow things out of proportion

Life is worth more than the coffin
I need answers, and they better be the truth
Hurts like a bad tooth, we losin mad youth
Lyrically there'll never be no one above you
And no matter how they judge you we always gonna love you

We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big) *repeat 4X*
Right now I know you missing it, smoking in peace
After all this bullshit don't cease, huh Big
Right now, you and Pac in harmony, probably hugging

While everybody from Brooklyn to West coast is bugging
All these gang wars, Big, show me a sign
As for your son I'ma raise Shorty like he was mine (no doubt)
It seems that the devil got his stinking back whooped

And we should pray for Jesus, and ask for forgiveness
I can remember all the studio time, getting twisted
Bottle after bottle, Bacardi Lime, I miss it
We clicked like heels when we first met the

Junior Ma-f-i-a and Big Po-ppa
Nearly broke down four times writing this verse
Filled with wild madness and sadness it hurts
But ain't no need to cry, cause right now, where you at

Is more laced than any place a millionaire lived at
But it's sad that it takes that for us to unite
The only time you see your family is funeral night
Christopher Wallace, Frank White, holding it down

I guess you with the real king in New York now
For real

We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big) [Repeat: x6]
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa [Repeat: x2]
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)

We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa, Big Poppa
(We'll always love you Big)

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