Special Delivery (feat. Ghostface Killah, Keith Murray & Craig Mack)

G. Dep

[Verse 1]
Yo, this for my niggas, though, special delivery
Spit like this, get my wrists all glittery
Get cake, snakes get slithery
Lean in, show why'all the meaning of chivalry
Rap ruler, you could ask Buddha
Right jab like Zab Zuda
Every member on my team is the shooter
Tight like a womb, no room for intruders
Spark Buddha, twistin' the Philly
And Good Humor, don't be silly
It's gravy baby, I got it all smothered
Like makeup, I got it all covered
Want a jewel, don't be cruel
It's authentic, don't be fooled
By these phony accusations
Backlash and slanders
Front, and they put pits in ya
Stunts and propaganda
Keep it private, 'cause I'm the commander
In chief, I never stop like beef
Gimme a break, I might shake the building place
Say vacate all women and children
I spit it out

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]
Special delivery
I want that
Special delivery
I need
Special delivery
Can I have that
Special delivery
Come give it to me

[Verse 2]
If you ain't ready, I'ma bust through ya curtain
Encore, you're not sure, I'm certain
Wait, make sure the mic workin'
Make cake, sorta like Earth Wind
And Fire, the rap vampire
Retire in the morn'
Warm like campfires
Matter of fact, I'm blazin'
Raisin' the roof up
Slide off with ya rooster
Took her to the stu and seduced her
Let her do a skit, then she hit my producer (Oh)
Not whatcha used to, I'm looser
Ya need to stop fuckin' with them losers, now who's up
The mystic ruler, grand imperial
Filthy, but milky like cereal
Bang this in ya stereo
MC's is dead and I'ma get head up at they burial
And that's disrespectful
I'm strong like Exo mixed with X, yo
And that's the high capability
And yes, I possess that ability
I spit it out

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]
[Verse 3]
Yeah, ayo, Dep so bright, light looking halogen
Spit that bar, car low mileagin'
Let's go, metropolitan
Area, 'cause I'm hearin' ya hollerin'
The earthquaker, Harlem bread maker
Gimme two hands, few grams and the shaker
Hit the block, watch the kids bake up
Your girl keep coming around
Then I'ma take her to Jamaica
And I give her a reason to get curious
But ya pain, it ain't that serious
MC's ran with this and that
But change your name to Saran 'cause it's a Wrap
Your rap is like a sedative
You sleepy, defeat me, negative
So it's over and I guess you gotta live with it
And you can tell by the records that's distributed
I spit it out

[Chorus (repeat 4x to fade)]

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