The Messenger


Look around
Give your eyes a new adventure
What you see
Is a mix of past and future
Your moment
Is coming
Hold on/hold on
How you gonna be when they tell the story
Everything we took
Was it from each other
Hold on/hold on

It's to late to get around it
Say goodbye to how we found it
This is what we least expected
Don't you put the blame on the messenger

I've seen the flames
That lick at survival
Check your dreams
Into the justice hotel
The moment
Is coming
Hold on
Hold on

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INXS Remastered (10 Album Edition) (2011)


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2.   Doctor
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11.   Stay Young
12.   Horizons
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17.   Follow
18.   Barbarian
25.   Here Comes
28.   Jan's Song
35.   The Swing
47.   This Time
50.   One X One
56.   Mediate
58.   Wildlife
60.   Mystify
61.   Kick
65.   Disappear
66.   The Stairs
68.   By My Side
69.   Lately
73.   On My Way
75.   Questions
78.   Taste It
80.   All Around
88.   The Gift
90.   Time
101.   Everything
103.   Searching
110.   Shine