River Deep, Mountain High

Four Tops

When I was a little girl, I had a rag doll
Only doll I've ever owned
Well, I love you just the way I loved that rag doll
Only now my love has grown

And it gets stronger stronger in every way yeah
And it gets deeper deeper everyday
And it gets higher higher day by day

Do I love you, my, oh, my
Ooo, baby
River deep, mountain high
Yeah, yeah, yeah
If I lost you, would I cry? Oh-ho
Oh, how I love you baby
Baby, baby

When you were a young girl
Did you have a puppy
That always followed you around?
Well, I'm gonna be as faithful as that puppy
You know I'll never let you down

'Cause it goes on an on
On an on
Like the river flows
And it gets deeper, baby
Heaven knows
And it gets sweeter baby
As it flows

Do I love you, my, oh, my
River deep mountain high
'Cause it's so high
If I lost you, would I cry?
Oh, how I love you baby
I love you
Baby, baby

How I love you, baby
Like the flower loves the spring
And I love ya, baby
Like the robin loves to sing

Ooo hoo and I love you, baby
Like a school girl loves her pie, yeah
And I love baby
River deep and mountain high

I love ya baby
The mountain so high
And river deep
Woo, oh, baby, baby
I love ya baby, hoo
I bet ya do
I love you, baby
Do you love me?
Yes I do oh-ho

Do I love you, my, oh, my
Tell me, tell me, tell me
River deep mountain high
Oh, if I lost you
If I lost you
Would I cry
Would I cry baby?
I love you, baby, baby

Tell me do ya love me, baby?
I love you, yeah
River so deep (I love you, baby)
Mountain so high (river deep)
Oh-ho, yeah, baby (mountain high)

Oh-oh yeah (I love you, baby, river deep)
River deep, mountain high (mountain high)
River so deep mountain so so so so high (I love you, baby, river deep, mountain high)

Yes, I love you, baby (I love you, baby)
Ah ah ah ah ah ah yeah baby (river deep, mountain high)

(I love you, baby)
I love you (river deep, mountain high)
Yeah yeah, yes, I do
(I love you, baby, river deep)

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