When The Stillness Comes


Blood looks like paste on the wall
Bodies lay lifeless like dolls
A moment that felt like days
Lives extinct with inner rage

Noxious, I don't realize
Incessantly making up lies
In a moment of visceral hate
The last thing you see on my grave
The last thing you'll see are my eyes

Beneath your facade
Panic, you scream for your god
No way out, ever abstain
Blood falls from the ceiling like rain
Patiently unleash my violence
In (?) with sounds of your silence
In darkness this feeling I love
To be covered in blood
Blood from above

This violence finally sets me free
Brings demons back to torture me
There's no god pulling at my strings
I'm above all sorrow that fate can bring
Disengaged, I see your face
I turn and rush, I can't replace
Hands around your neck, your senses numb
Staring into your eyes
When the stillness comes

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